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A. G. Willis, (2nd left) kindly supplied by his son, Richard. The four Desert Rats lining up in Berlin - to lead the victory parade?

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Ref the AA Bike - Dad was stationed on the Cross Hands at Old Sodbury, Glos. The photo is marked ‘Wraxhall 1938’ on the back. He was a Territorial MP before the war and volunteered for the BEF (daft bugger!). He was one of the last out of Dunkirk, then went on to N. Africa, Scicily, Italy, then back to Norfolk to train for D-Day. His papers show ‘Embarked’ and the date 03/06/1944 . He then fought all the way to Berlin, via France and Belgium.

Following 3 Photos courtesy of Colin Bladen Letchworth Hertfordshire.
Matchless G3WO

Matchless G3WO

Matchless G3WO
Matchless 1940 G3 WO 350cc military motorcycles. British Army Middle Eastern Forces - The Intelligence Corps in Palestine during the 'uneasy truce' which occurred in WW2. Local hostilities seemed to cease for a while. Tough & reliable the Girder forked the G3WO was probably the best available for a quick get away from a Hornets nest.

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